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Fruit Agar-agar (Jelly)
March 18, 2017
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Curry Chicken
May 3, 2017

Teh 3 layer
Teh 3 layer
Teh 3 layer

Teh C Peng (Three Layer Tea)


March 28, 2017

Learn how to make Teh C peng 3 layer easily using our product GMK03 CONCENTRATED PALM SUGAR.

  • Cook: 10 mins


2 bags Black Tea (Ceylon Tea)

70ml Evaporated Filled Milk

30ml Dapur Desa Concentrated Palm Sugar syrup

1 full glasses Ice Cubes

Boiling Water

Empty Glass


1Put tea in boiling water, covered for 15 minutes.

2Pour in concentrated palm sugar into glass.

3Fill glass with ice cubes.

4Add in evaporate filled milk into glass.

5Lastly pour in 80 ml of tea on top of evaporated milk. Do it gently so that the milk and tea do not mix too much.

6It done. (Stir well before serving.)


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June 7, 2017

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